Pilgrim Sumo – Welcome!

August 2016 … The decision has been made and I’ve placed an order with Pilgrim for my kit, I’ve decided to build it using their ‘new’ modular build program. To start with I thought I’d go for the first 3 modules which should give me everything for a rolling chassis, minis the engine and wheels. I could if I wanted to pick up an old set of wheels to build on, but I don’t want the extra cost so for now the car will sit on axle stands while it is being built.

If you don’t know or haven’t checked the pilgrim cobra is built from a old Ford Granada or Sierra running gear, breaks, steering, rear diff and a few other parts etc to ensure you keep the original registration and don’t receive the dreaded ‘Q’ plate. It helps with the re-sale value for the future and if registered correctly I think you can also change the name of car on the registration document to pilgrim Sumo.

So that’s it really, its been ordered and now I have to wait until they gather all the parts together and are ready to ship it. In the mean time it will give me the opportunity to clean out the garage, organise some tools, research engines I’d like and eventually a colour scheme … I’m almost too excited to wait, I want it here now so I can get on with the build!

My finished Car – Lucille

If you’d like to see or know more about the cars Pilgrim make, visit here Pilgrim-motorsport and take a look.

Once I receive a few boxes and the chassis (which is already for me) I’ll update the blog and continue as i work my way through it.

One more thing, I should probably make it clear I’m ‘NO’ mechanic, certainly no more than an avid Ikea furniture builder! Actually a photographer and civil engineer so I’d like to think I have an ounce of common sense, however this is a big task and should be very interesting, so if you want to follow me and my progress then please subscribe or keep checking back.

2 thoughts on “Pilgrim Sumo – Welcome!

  1. You will need to put it thorough the IVA test and if DVLA agree then you will get an age related reg no not the original Granada number and the reg document will have Pilgrim Sumo on it if not then you have not got it correctly registered


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