Front Suspension

Where to begin … Ok, so I might have thought this would have been fairly easy and I was hopping to have got a lot more done, but it’s been a little slow, I’ve made some silly, actually very silly mistakes! but all in all I’m quite happy with the progress considering I haven’t had a proper look at the manual yet! I am male after all šŸ˜‰

All I’m going to say is Bushes … bloody bushes! OMG they are a bugger to get in, until you know how! Cut to the chase and just use a large socket and bash them in! Job done with a bit of brute force šŸ™‚

Once the bushes were in, it was a case of bolt the upper and lower wishbones to the chassis … first mistake (check ALL the boxes) I used a couple of bolts in the bolt pack, thinking they’ll be long enough, until once I put it together and found they were in fact an inch too short! WTF, lots of cursing and scratching head, followed by an email to the words of am I doing something wrong. Then checked the box for the suspension parts and guess what, a couple of bolts there, the right size, ummm ops! Slotted them in and all sorted. Phew

Bottom wishbone in no problem, just with a few packing washers to make them nice and snug as the manual tells you too. I did, take some of the bolts out and redo, as I wanted to put washes on both Nut and Bolt ends and grease all the bolts that I hadn’t previously, purely because I was waiting for the amazon order to come through (grease thats is) Grabbed the springs, put them together and bolted them to lower wishbone and fitted to chassis. Realised I’d put one on upside down, take it off, turn it over, rebolt and put back on chassis. Then realise I had left the upper wishbone underneath the spring, undo it, move and re-bolt to the chassis again! Ok so I’m no mechanic I think its fair to say I was a little to keen and not paying enough attention, but I got there in the end! Both front suspensions done. Lesson, don’t rush it, it will get done.

One important thing to remember is DO NOT tighten the nuts and bolts on the suspension until you have installed the engine and gear box, rear end etc, so it all sits in the correct position and reduces stress on the bushes.

Again, not looking to bad I think, quite pleased with the progress after a few hours! Both sides done.

REVISIONĀ – After fittingĀ the engine I noticed I couldn’t get the exhaust manifolds on for the RV8 so I had to reverse the bolt throughout the top suspension arm. Sliding them in from the back rather than the front (not as shown in the photos) details of this are further on in the blog.

I have a few issues with the upper ball joints, think I have two different sizes, so back to pilgrim to see if i have, until then, this will stop any further on the front for now. Still I have the diff to clean, check and paint etc so plenty to do and hopefully by Tuesday I have all the new brake components as well.


One last shot of today’s work.

Little update, all bushes in now, including the rear diff carrier so glad they are sorted. Off to Pilgrim tomorrow to hopefully pick up my heater and return the upper wishbones for some work to the threads to help ease the upper ball joints in, oh and pick up a new one.

Football tomorrow, so now COB work till later in the week.


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