Its here!

First things first, it felt like christmas the night before my chassis was due to arrive, i got very little sleep, my head was busy with all the ideas and excitement of getting to work on my car … my car! In a few years (hopefully sooner) I’ll be able to drive around in a car I’ve built, how cool is that 🙂

Ok, so it arrived nice and early on schedule, the garage was cleared and ready to receive it. Paul from Pilgrim-motors was very helpful going over a few quires I had and letting me know of some of the improvements. And on to the exciting bit … the photo …


There she is, all shinny new, with all the parts from the first 3 modules sat there happily waiting to fitted to the chassis!

I was actually pleasantly surprised that a lot of the items had already been cleaned, power coated and painted. Less work there and more building … always good, but first I set about sorting the parts that needed cleaning, the rear axel drive shafts.

Not to shabby if you ask me, a few more pieces to clean tho, but I was quite happy with this as a start. Other jobs done where, drilling out some of the holes that the galvanising process fills and sealing the drivers compartment to make it water tight with some sealant. This is agains something you have to do because of the chassis building process.


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