Brakes and stuff

I received a lovely parcel with my new brakes in, popped back to Pilgrim to pick up my heater and collected the ball joints I needed. Painted a few more bits, started cleaning the diff.

I started off fitting the new wheel bearings to the wheel hubs, I didn’t expect this and reading the info on line it appeared quite daunting, putting the hubs and fittings in the oven etc! I was kinda like WHAT! but on starting it, it actually turned out very easy, so that was sorted no issues.

Once I had it all fitted I continued to push them together to get a nice tight fit, all done, lovely jubbly.

Then came fixing the hub to the whisbones and setting the caster and camber. Again with a lot of research online this was fairly easy, everything is very adjustable and they were on in a few minuets (now I had the correct ball joints)

Callipers were next, nice and shiny reconditioned parts. I decided not to bother with using/reconditioning the ones of the donor and instead used a local motor factors and brought them new. My only advice here is who around, some of the prices vary massively and in the end I managed to save nearly £200! Using the correct part names makes sure you get the right gear, ebay was good as was a firm called Mister Auto. Brakes is somewhere I didn’t want to skimp on, hence I went from proper recon ones rather than doing them myself.

So brakes on, time was getting late, I thought one more job and I’ll call it a day, steering rack and tie rods temporarily fitted.

It was all starting to look really good and I am pleased and enjoying every minuet building it, here’s then a few shots of where I had got to.

Couple of shots of the passenger side front end.

Passenger front end and servo/master cylinder fitted.

Drivers side and full view of front end.

I think that’s starting to look rather nice, I’ve pre fitted the steering rack and wheel, although this comes off when you put the engine in. I had the pedals left to do and hand brake before I moved on the rear …. soon … hopefully …

Keep checking back 🙂


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