Tidying up

Time to clean up a few bits and paint.

Starting with the steering arm and suspension brackets, these are new blocks that increase the height of the back end which are required because they have lowered the rating on the suspensions springs to give a more comfortable ride, but at the same time, to stop the wheels from rubbing on the body. (Nothing exciting just a few painted bits)



Next came the diff … umm first things first, this was a bitch to clean! covered in dirt and grime, thick sludge, washed it, cleaned it, used a screw driver to get to real stubborn areas, cleaned again, more washing, wire brushing several times … you get the picture! But finally I got to a point where I was happy I could paint it. I suspended it on axel stands and got to work.

Nothing more exciting here just a painted diff. But it was another necessary stage that I wanted to do to get everything nice and clean before putting on the car. I guess the only extra thing I did as you can from the photos is attached the diff carrier front and rear. Now there has been a lot of comments made on the diff carrier especially when you put more than 300bhp through it. My plans aren’t to put that much in the car yet, mainly due to cost to be honest so this isn’t an area I’m overly worried about for now. There are several posts about people reinforcing the diff, which I might consider in the future, but for now the standard setup will suffice (hopefully)

Because my kit is based on a 1988 ford sierra the diff is only 7″ wide, so as you can in the photo’s there is a large number of spacers on the side of one bolt, basically the diff carrier is designed to fit a number of sizes, mine being the smallest, these are used to ‘fill in’ the gap. Nothing’s done up nice and tight yet, but its all ready to be fitter to the car.

That’s it for now … keep on checking back 🙂


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