Hydraulic Clutch!!!

It’s been a few days since I’ve been able to get to the car, for one reason or another, I had a small part missing from the module which meant I couldn’t attach the clutch master cylinder to the pedal. After a quick visit to Pilgrim to pick up what I needed I decided I’d also purchase the next module for the remaining engine parts, hoses, radiator and manifolds etc. Other than the wheels once I have the engine that should give me a running rolling chassis … one can hope anyway 🙂

On to tonight, I had another busy head last night thinking of what I needed to do, so as soon as work had finished I got straight on to the car. I’d researched the clutch and been to Pilgrim so now I had a much better idea of ‘HOW’ it all worked. Firstly I started by putting the clutch master cylinder on the provided clutch bracket and offering it up to the chassis, there are a few holes that need drilling in the top of the bulk head for added stability. Once this was done, I married it all up with the servo and bolted it together. After a quick test I the brake seemed to work ok, the clutch pedal was ok and the throttle pedal was bolted on by nothing fixed as of yet.

I decided to install the reservoir next to the servo, which should be an ok place to install it. I need to make a ‘z’ bracket to move it away from the chassis, but for now, its in roughly the right place. Now I have the pedal box all fixed I went around around the car fitting the four flexible brake hoses, all straight forward, and bolted on no problem.

I have the radiator to fit and then I’ll be onto the brake lines … front ones first, lots of holes to drill, pipes to flare and the rear! Bleeding the system should be fun, I think I’ll need a wheel to do that, which could be interesting, I might have to source a spare one to fit the sierra hubs.



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