Every little bit counts

Thursday evening has come around again quickly so it was time to get back into the garage to get a few more little bits done. I didn’t have a great evening last night trying to sort the radiator out, turns out there’s a little lip that will require cutting off and then holes will need to made wider as they don’t quite match up! Typical ‘kit car’ mentality here! I did however get the fan fitted to the rad and sorted out ‘how’ it fixes to the chassis. i’ll get back to this one when I have more time.

So, on to tonight, I managed to get a whiteboard today and decided to made a little list of things to do before the engine arrives … or at least what I’d like done before it gets here that now lives up on the garage wall.

I usually only get an hour or two after work to work on the car, so tonight it was a simple case of get the expansion tank fitted and the fuel pump. No problems here, drill a few holes and fix it all together. Actually straight foreword for a change!

I also had a look at the fuel line, measured the length and cut it … tried to bend it a little and noticed the pipe kinked! I’m sure thats not good! In the end I decided to stop and do a quick search as to how to bend them properly without a specialist tool, as I don’t particularly want to buy a another specialist tool just for a relatively small job. Of course I might end up buying one anyway if I don’t have any success.


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