Getting some little bits done

It was a good day in the garage today, I usually have Friday’s off before a heavy working weekend, considering I have West Ham v Middlesborough on the Saturday and then the NFL at Wembley on the Sunday, I won’t have any time now until Monday and that puts us into October! That’s nearly a month on the car already.

On to todays progress and as the title says I think you can assume I managed to get a few little bits done, nothing majorly problematic just putting in the hours and getting things done. Firstly I decided to finish off the fuel line down to the pump, which leads along the passengers side under the chassis and up through a hole to the pump. Yesterday I said I wasn’t going to bother with any bending tool, however when I popped to B&Q for a few bits I came across a bending tool for under £5 so I thought I’d give it a try, amazing, so much easy and bended the pipe just how I needed. I made sure the copper pipe was also fixed to the chassis ever 6 inches or less with rubber clips riveted in. Nice and easy!

Once this was completed I tackled the radiator (which gave me so much grief the other evening) however today was much better, after taking an angle grinder to it (small bracket at the bottom had to be trimmed) I positioned in on the front rail with two nuts to provide a gap for the fan, fitting the mini bobbins and brackets and temporally fitting it to the top rail. It will come off later once the engine arrives which will make it easier to get in and limit the risk of damaging it.

A few other little bits were also sorted today, mini heater was attached to the chassis via some brackets from B&Q. I still have to tinker with this as I don’t want the slider to form part of the dash, just a simple on and off button will do. I’ve been told you can simply bend the arm back, hid it behind the dash and still get to it if need be! Not sure on that but I need to make adjustments none the less. The washer bottle was fitted, the engine mounts and the battery clamp. I think the clamp is a little big so I’ll probably amend this later to make it fit better. The other part of today was spent re-fitting the hydraulic clutch bottle onto a bracket slightly away from the chassis and higher so bleeding will be easier.

That’s about it for now, made the amendments to my list and probably added a few more! The little bits are never ending and getting things tidy will hopefully help in the overall build time.

Things left to do for now are:

Brake lines, front and back and bleed the system

Paint and wrap the exhaust manifolds

Run the heater pipes to the header tank and fit to chassis

Lay the loom out and fit what I can! That should be fun!

Anyway, weekend off now tho, or from the car anyway, football and NFL are calling my name, until next week …. Stay frosty!



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