Mini heater and Manifolds

I’m a little stuck currently as my brake flaring tool is missing the smallest component so I can’t flare the brake lines (angry face) so instead I decided tonight I’d spray my exhaust manifolds with heat resistant paint and fit a couple of new pipe connector on the mini heater.

Firstly on to the mini heater … Check this out …

On the left you can see the state of the original hose connectors which I thought should probably be replaced. Good old eBay to the rescue and ta-daaa new shiny ones that shouldn’t fall apart the second you touch them! Easy enough to change and the second photo shows them fitted in-situ. Job done!

Second job for tonight was to coat the exhaust manifolds with heat resistant paint ready for exhaust wrap! Apparently this is required for the IVA now so I’ll have to do that at a later date, the plan is to once finished and passed IVA to hopefully remove the wrap and just have the aluminium pipes shown instead. Again nothing difficult, set up an area to spray in, and away you go. I choose to use Halfords aluminium heat resistant spray paint which got mixed reviews online but seemed to apply fairly well and evenly. The entire can was just about enough to cover both exhausts with a good two coats.

(Guilty face) Ok I forgot a before photo of both manifolds, so the first one shows one half complete and the other ready for spraying. The second one, all coated and looking rather nice, lots of overspray so just make sure you give yourself space and have the area covered so you don’t get it everywhere. The only other thing I will say is make sure you wash and clean the manifolds first, get rid of all the grease and muck, even if they look clean they probably aren’t. I was surprised the amount of grim came of mine after they’d been sitting around for a week or two. The paint will bond better if the metal is clean!

And thats it for tonight, I’m waiting for a few fixings to come and I collect some build wheels on Friday along with a few bits I’m missing. So until then and I get my brake flare kit sorted I am stuck and at a loss … It’s very addictive this building this car 🙂

See you all soon


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