Wednesday night madness

You’ll never guess what … I now have the brake flaring tool I was missing, thanks to Mark for bringing it around and letting me borrow it. With that in mind there were a few little bits I tendered to this evening. I purchased some little brackets I could rivet on the chassis to hold some of the cabling and hoses so I decided to fit the expansion tank hoses tonight in preparation for the engine. I am seriously hoping that all this work is all alright and that I don’t have re-position any of it! By the looks of what I’ve seen at Pilgrim it should be ok, plus it gives me more to do and get ready.

Everything was nice and easy, with the exception that I broke another 5mm drill bit, dammit! Other than that I was going to call it a night until I thought I’d quickly run the hydraulic clutch line from the master cylinder through the chassis and down to the bottom rail for connection to the gearbox. I also finished off the hose and connected that all up and tightened all the hoses with clips. The copper pipe was lead up through the chassis with a grommet to protect the pipe, along the top of the bulk head and down the front, all fitted again with the rubber clips at around 5 inches.

Now I have that sorted I can properly get on with the brake lines, which will either be tomorrow evening or on Friday. I’ll also adjust the battery clamp which needs shortening and look at fixing the roll hoops.

I should also be picking up some spare build wheels on Friday so i’ll be able to get the brake system bleed and everything rolling, hopefully I can then also begin to look at the steering geometry and once the engine is in, tighten all the suspension bolts.

Still lots of little bits to do but its getting there, rolling chassis by the end of the year would be nice, under its own power … thats the aim … watch this space …



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