Brake lines … finally!

Well I’d done just about everything else, so now it was time to get the brake lines sorted. I think if truth be told this seemed a little daunting to me at first, which maybe why I have been putting it off and off and off and getting all the other jobs done first, when really once you get started its all fairly logical and straight forward.

I purchased a brake flaring kit and got stuck in, firstly concentrating on the driver side brake line then the passenger and finally the rear. No real issues here, just remember to put the brake pipe components on the lines before you flare them, oh and make sure they are around the correct way! Drilling plenty of holes the chassis for the clips was ok and this time, no broken drill bits! I just made sure the clips were no longer than 5″ apart which I’m pretty sure is well within tolerance for the IVA.

I didn’t have time last night to finish the rear brakes as I needed a few more bolts, rivets and clips so I called it an evening (every little min or hour counts)

I had to head to Pilgrim in the morning to pick some spare wheels I am borrowing in the meantime until I buy the actual wheels as I want to get things things moving on all four wheels ideally. Picked those up along with a few minor parts and headed back into the garage.

Time to get the rear brake line finished. Everything was fairly straight forward, following the same principal and I’d already taken a few cheeky pics at the Pilgrim garage as reference, this made things easier for me, I’m a very visual learner, which is probably why I’m doing this blog and adding so many photos. There’s obviously other ways to do and built the kit but this is mine and if it helps anyone else, then that’s gotta be good really.

I guess in hindsight the only thing I would have done different is fit the rear brake lines before I fitted the diff and rear suspension arms etc, there’s not a lot of room under there which made things tricky, but no impossible. I still managed it on my own so it can’t have been that bad.

So once I had all the brake lines fitted, I decided before I bled the system I would temporarily fit the roll bars, because up till now, they’ve just been sat there. I’d read this takes while and is pretty noisy and tricky … Umm, took a while, tick! noisy, tick! tricky, well not really, just takes a while. I decided to place the roll bars on the chassis and drill straight through them using size 5 bit. That took a while but was ok going. I then took the bars off and enlarged the holes using an 8 and then 10 on the chassis and finally on the bars themselves, lined them all up and bolted them together, job done.

You’ll notice, I’ve actually bolted them in two different ways, one side on and one front on. I think this will help stabilise the bars and limit any movement while making a little easier to fit an remove once the body is on … well, thats the idea anyway.

And finally today I bled the brakes using an Eezibleed kit, which to be fair was awesome, so easy to set up and use on your own, I’m glad I researched about it. All you need is a spare tyre pressurised to about 20psi, you link this to the bottle filled with brake fluid which goes into the brake reservoir, then when you release each nipple in turn, the air pushes the brake fluid through the lines. All you really need to do is keep an eye on the amount of fluid you use so it doesn’t start pushing air through the system. Make sure each calliper bled has the brake fluid running clear through the hose and you’re good to go, nice and easy. I started at the further wheel away and made my way around the car in turn get closer to the brake reservoir. Basically, passenger rear, driver rear, passenger front and finally driving front.

I put a few of the wheels on I borrowed and tested the brakes, a little spongy to the feel so I will look into what its suppose to feel like, but as there’s still no electrics set up I don’t know if it should go hard or not, but a few pumps and the wheels don’t move at all. So I must have something half right to start with 🙂 plus no leaks!

And that’s about it for today, I’m having this evening off, as I need to prep for tomorrow’s England match against Malta, until Sunday I’ll leave with the the last two photos I took today, 1 as the build stands currently and the other, things to come …

Ahhhh the loom!

Well that’s another day in the garage done, all those extra hours or two in the evenings are really helping get things moving, 4 days left and I will have hit the month anniversary of the build, not to bad so far I think.


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