Wiring … Part 1

I’m not sure how many part to this there will be and I’ll be totally honest about this, I HATE electrics! For whatever reason they just don’t work in my head so I had a feeling this was going to be tough for me … so I called for help from the wife πŸ™‚

To be fair once you lay it out and start to go through it from the back through to the front it does start to make sense, a little, maybe! I feel like I’m really lacking confidence here. Anyway on to the build, we decided to lay the loom out on the living room floor making sure all the dogs were out of the way, sitting happily on the sofa’s. We worked from the back labelling the each wire as we went to make things easier when finally connecting it all up. Working our way forward to the steering wheel, dash through the bulk head and on to the lights and around to the dizzy and washer bottle.

Most of which does now seem to make more sense, I’m still 100% happy, I don’t like not understanding an element of what I’m doing, but until we get the actual parts that are then wired into, I won’t know for sure.

I drilled two holes in the bulkhead to allow the cabling to go through grommets, I was surprised that a normal hole saw managed to drill through the first hole … but not the second, almost, but I got a little over zealous and may have blunted it! ops! thankfully it was close enough I managed to punch the rest of the hole in and file it smooth. Fed the wiring through to the rear of the car and like the front I just temporarily attached it via cable ties.

And that was enough for today, sounds silly now, but I feel more exhausted stressing over this than anything so far, so I decided to take a break tonight, plus the NFL is about to start and I do enjoy my Sunday football nights πŸ™‚

Next, I’ll probably fit the cable I am 100% sure and put it in conduit ready for the IVA … next year … maybe (Hopefully) till next time


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