Engine has arrived

I’ve not been able to do a great deal lately, mainly because I had finished practically everything I had, other than the miles and miles of wiring, but I’m waiting for a fuel sender from Pilgrim, most of the rest is in conduit now and fixed to the chassis, leaving some hanging, ready for when I buy the brightwork module (that’ll be next year tho)

So for now the only news I have for you is my engine arrived today from Jim (JRV8) Pilgrim’s recommend engine builder over in Ireland. I opted for a Rover V8 over both Ford and Chevy mainly due to cost and weight so by the time you work out the power to weight ratio there isn’t a huge amount of difference and putting all that power through a Sierra diff and running gear, I thought that would be plenty. The engine is reconditioned to what he calls a Stage 3, which has forged pistons and better high lift cam among other things, hopefully putting out over 200bhp and over 200lbs of torque. Considering the end weight of the car will be around a ton, maybe a little under it should shift enough when asked.

Looks all shiny and new, and as I stated when i first started the build, it feels like Christmas has come early again 🙂

The next challenge will be to fix the engine and gearbox in the chassis … I’m going to need to help here I think, from what I’ve seen this is a lot easier and probably should be a two man job, so I’m insisted the help of a friend and his mate who will hopefully be able to come over in the next few days to get it all bolted in. Then I’ll have to connect everything up and get the little beauty running. Excited to hear it roar …. but a few weeks away I feel due to other work commitments.

That said, keep checking back and hopefully I’ll have more news soon.


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