She’s In!

The day came, when it was finally time to put the engine into the chassis. I decided to enlist the help of a friend on this one as trying to do this on my own I thought may have been a little tricky, although I’d seen a few have done it that way, it was in the end I think a lot easier with Mark’s help.

We decided to get started in the morning to give us plenty of time, just in case any issues were encountered. Mark brought around the engine hoist and we set about putting it together. The first job was to marry up the gear box with the engine, no real issue here, remove the blanking plate and slide the gearbox into place, not being to heavy we man handled it and with a little a wiggle, it went in no problem. Once the gearbox was bolted on, we hoisted the engine in the air to ensure everything was secure and then proceeded to fix the engine mounts to the engine and place the blanking plate back on.

Once this was done, it was time to manoeuvre the engine over to the chassis, lift it up and put it into position …

The only slight problem we had was as the engine was being lifted in, it became apparent it was slightly twisted on the hoist as we trial fitted it, one side was lower than the other, which was a little tricky as we lifting and lowering, moving the engine in and adjusting the gearbox to suit. On that note we used a trolly jack to keep the gearbox off the floor and raise it as we needed while moving the engine in. With a little bit of effort we aligned it all up and managed to get the engine mounted to the chassis and bolted down with little room at the back to spare.

Once the engine was in and bolted on the mounts fixed to the chassis, I got under the chassis, marked up the holes for the gearbox mount, removed it, drilled the holes and fixed it to the chassis once again. Nothing to difficult here really so that was all fine.

After all this I decided that I’d fix the steering rack, radiator and hoses back on. There are a few little pieces I need to get to finish up hooking everything up, before looking at the carburettor and electrics.

One thing I did notice once I’d fitted the engine, the upper front suspension bolts will need to be taken out and put in the other way, this is because the exhaust manifolds need this space to be able to positioned onto the engine. I’m sure I remember asking this or someone saying this but I wasn’t sure if it was a must do … now I know, so those will be changed tomorrow, I’ll put up to some photos tomorrow as I change it so it becomes clear.

But for now, the engine is in 🙂 happy days


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