Engine up date

Not a huge amount to talk about tonight, other than I mounted the carburettor and air filter, mainly just so I could take a photo with it on! The radiator hoses have been connected as have the exhaust manifolds and steering rod. It’s all very tight in there but there seems to be clearance to everything so I’m assuming that will all be ok.

I’m still a little unsure about plumbing the engine and connecting all the electrical wiring etc, so I’m paying a visit to Pilgrim again on Friday to have a nosey and get some info and take notes etc. Of everything done so far this is the one area I’m actually worried about getting wrong! Everything else so far has made perfect sense, more or less, and weirdly I can’t wait to get to work on the body and brightwork etc.

Oh wait there was something I had to change tonight, remember I mentioned about the upper front suspension bolts being in the way of the manifolds, I swapped them around tonight and bolted them back in. This made putting the exhaust manifolds on nice and straight forward, plenty of room.

The photos here show the correct way of putting the bolts through, save yourself 5 minutes and put them in this way 🙂 thankfully, where there weren’t tightened up they came off and back on in minutes.

I’ve also been told and just figured out that in my organising I’ve routed some of the wires around to the wrong side of the engine bay, ops so I’ll have to take some of it off and pull the wires back and put the conduit back on. Small little problems but nothing major really.

On a plus, picking up my GD5’s on Friday … I’ll have my proper cobra wheels … then I can look at setting up the suspension, steering and camber properly and I’ll finally have a rolling chassis … almost on its on power just a few things to do in the mean time.

Still to do;

Run heater hoses, connect up the carburettor, finish off the rule sender and figure out the wiring to get some power to the engine (lots to do there tho) oh and fill the radiator, fit and bleed the hydraulic clutch … the list goes on, but everyone complete is a noter step forward.


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