Wires, pipes and wheel … oh my

Had another quick visit to pilgrim today for a few reasons, one was to collect my GD5 wheels and the other was to have a look around one of the engine bays at the wiring to see how things are connected which I thought would give me a idea and a push to get things moving on the wiring. Not sure if I’ve said this before but this part really doesn’t work in my head at the moment but lets face it, I have to get it done at some point and I WANT to get the engine running before I break for christmas.

So first things first, I connected the carb and brake servo, sadly I couldn’t get the heater hoses finished as I needed an extra grommet as the hoses pass through the bulkhead, but everything here connected nice and straight forward. There’s also a quick pic of my wheels or wheel in this case! I decided to go for the 15″

Next on the agenda was to fit the prop shaft, using the special bolts from the donor car and the new prop shaft supplied form pilgrim it was a simple case of crawl under the car, hold the shaft up and bolt in … job done. Again, nothing difficult here.

Quickly running out of other bits to do, I was getting close to ‘having’ to do the wiring! But before this (stalling again) I fitted the fuel sender to the petrol tank and the horn to the front of the chassis. Ok now I had to get to the wiring … butĀ before I start I have a confession to make, before I got the engine I tided up the engine bay and put all the wiring in conduit and fixed it to the chassis. Only now to realise that 5 wires had to be taken out of the loom so they could be connected to the starter motor and senders on the other side of the engine bay! Ops!

Ah well, once I have unwrapped it all I run a couple wires down to the starter motor and up to the brake reservoir, connect the horn and came a little unstuck with the oil sender. but sadly time was ticking on and it was time I was needed else where.

I’ve obviously still got to run the battery cable down to the starter motor, but I have to cut and crimp these yet so I haven’t had time to finish this, but for a few little bits I’m happy this section has got under way … finally. Will see if i have any time over the weekend to do a little more, hopefully, but until keep checking back and look out for more updates on my progress.

Have a good weekend all


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