More wiring!

It feels like theres not a lot to report at the moment, every minute turns into an hour and that turns in 4, I turn around, pack stuff away and look back at what I’ve done for the day and think OH! is that it! It sounds weird but the whole project/build is progressing, so its all the little bits of tidying up, connecting up more wires, cutting to length, stripping them, crimping and fixing to the chassis in a what I think is a fairly nice and tidy route. Each wire and route just takes time to be honest, once I got my head around certain aspects it was fairly straight forward, logical and if you just take you time, eventually it all goes where it should and looks good.

So to recap the wiring loom was laid over the chassis, the fuse boxes and relays fitted in the footwell, the wiring in the engine bay has all be laid out, put in conduit, fixed to the chassis and all engine parts connected (Starter motor, battery, oil pressure sender, and switch, water temperature, horn, fan switch, coil, dizzy and washer bottle to name a few)

Ive also, fitted the the clutch to the gear box, just need to fill it and bleed and then thats done.

I’ve also finished wiring up the fuel tank (sender and pump) making sure you earth where necessary of course. The wiring loom here actually stops short, I guess because of the different options etc so you need to use the supplied wire or some of that you actually cut off and run the wires to the appropriate connector. All put in conduit and fixed to the chassis and tank via little sticky block and cable ties.

ADDITION – Please note and see future post regarding the Gearbox slave cylinder is mounted here upside down!

And finally or almost finally, I wired up the ignition this evening, oh and I nearly forgot I ran the final heater hoses through the bulk head, connected to engine and mini heater. Anyway back to the ignition, which was to be fair quite a scary moment because I had to CUT off the existing sierra connector, put new ends on all the wires and place them in a block, then connect it to the loom, once I’d checked what was what it all went together no bother, just double checked everything and all was good.

So what do I have left to do, I need one jubilee clip because I don’t have one the correct size for one of the heater hoses, fill the hydraulic clutch and bleed it, I had one slight leak on a calliper so this has been sorted, I just need to bleed that brake. Fill the engine/rad with water and coolant and then get some petrol in the tank and umm, try to fire it up! SO with any luck tomorrow will be the day the engine runs … hopefully, I’ll put another blog tomorrow if all goes well. Wish me luck


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