Rolling Chassis

Last night I managed to get a few more little bits done, and still have a few more left now the engine is in, connected and running I thought it was about time to get the wheels on and see if I could get the suspension set up and everything tightened. First things first I had to get the car down off its axle stands! (once the wheels were on of course)

Everything pretty much straight forward, oh and I also bled the hydraulic clutch, which in hindsight now I think I would have routed to the other side of the chassis, there’s not a lot of room where it is and every thing’s a little tight! I may still do this, but I’ll see, as it means draining it all, doing it all again, and new tubing!

I still have to tighten the suspension now the car is on its own weight, but there are question I have thrown up I need answering before I go to far ahead. The rear wheels are at a funny angle and the back end is jacked up quite high compared to the front. I need to wind one of the track rode ends in one turn to align the wheels better as well and check the front suspension, its very very low?! is that normal, not sure and how much can I wind the front suspension up, by hand, not much more!

I’m also not sure the hydraulic clutch is working as I can’t find reverse gear in the box and it slips into gear even when the clutch isn’t pressed? seems strange to me but this among a few other little bits I need to check, research and ask questions.

One more thing I find really helpful and that’s the whiteboard I brought before the build to note down things to do, or thoughts as I’m going along, saves me forgetting and gives an indication of whats next etc. I find it very helpful 🙂 well worth doing if you’re considering a build too.

Back in the garage tonight most likely so will post a little more later, Christmas is looming and I’m running out of things to do! Oh no wait …. wiring the sierra column :/ damn it 🙂

More to follow ….


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