Progress update …

There are some things I find hard to leave alone, and this is quickly becoming one of them. I’ve just been tinkering around in the garage again to finish off a few minor jobs before the body arrives, oh yes I forgot to say, I’ve got the body on order, so although its going to be extremely busy from now till after Christmas I’m sure I’ll manage to find a few hours out in the garage getting started on prepping the body. After all the longer I spend on it, the better it will be.

So on to today, basically because I’ve got the car up and running before the body arrives and sorting a lot of other parts, including lights etc and apparently most people don’t start their car for a while after the position I am in. I wanted to get the fuel cap fitted, at least to safely secure the fuel and protect me from the fumes and more importantly the fuel evaporating, all I had at the moment was masking tape covering it. Straight forward to fit, nothing to trim yet, until I fit it to the body.

The second bit I wanted to finish off was the throttle cable, so once I had fitted the bracket which needed a little adjustment (It bolts straight onto the manifold) I inserted the cable and used a M6 bolt through the end of the cable fitted to the carburetor, bolted it in place making sure it wasn’t tight so it allowed for movement and that was that. I pressed the accelerator pedal to make sure and all appears fine. It was a little late and very wet outside so I didn’t worry about fully testing it because now I should have a complete rolling chassis able to move under its own power 🙂 (I’ll test that another day)

Lastly I have the speedo sensor to fit and run through to the dash. Pilgrim have from what I understand changed this in recent years in favor of a pulse type sensor so instead of using a daisywheel, you mount magnets or bolt heads to the propshaft and aline everything this way. I ran out of time today to get that underway, other than the adjustable sensor mount you can see. This will be mounted to the diff so that I can adjust it when I have mounted the magnets/bolt heads to the prop.

I’ll go into more detail on that once I’ve done it. So that’s it for today, little bits really until the body arrives, its going to be a quiet few weeks.

But don’t forget to keep checking back or subscribe and once I have any updates they’ll appear on here.


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