Umm ops …

Ok, so for anyone who’s following my blog who’s not sure if I have any mechanical knowledge, this next section will put your mind at rest and ensure that I really don’t!! I’m building this kit/project out of pure determination and let say a fair amount of common sense, but honestly even when checking and re-checking little things can still go wrong :/

Thankfully someone (Jim from JRV8) pointed it out and I was able to quickly make the correction and all is well. What I am talking about I hear you ask, well its all to do with the Clutch slave cylinder that attaches to the gearbox. Simple really, I just had it on upside down so while I was bleeding it, it was very difficult to get rid of all the air bubbles and the clutch never really felt quite right. Swap it around and job done, easy mistake to make or at least thats what I’m telling myself. Other than that I’ve been adjusting the shocks to set the suspension up and now I have the body trying to get my right height so that I have 350mm clearance to the underside of the front indicators.

I’ve included a photo of the C-spanner I got of ebay, its adjustable and works like a treat. I’d managed to tighten up the suspension as much as I could by hand but any further and it really wasn’t going to happen. So that makes life so much easier and not really found in your everyday garage! Or at least it wasn’t in mine.

Thats it for tonight, I’ve had my other car in garage for a routine service only to find out I need new shocks and brakes and tyres … oh dear god! thank you 2016!

BUT on a plus and as a little extra, just because I feel like I need to pad this out a little, to further ease your mind and say well just about anyone can build one of these with enough will and patience, below is what else I’ve been up to and well, keeps my busy!

A little montage of a couple of my latest football matches I’ve photographed at.

Mechanic … NO but I can work my way around a camera 🙂 … till next time


December comes and goes …

Hello all once again and a Merry Christmas to all. Everyone is filled up on the Christmas roast, siting around and quite relaxed so I thought now would be a good time do a quick update on the build blog.

As I thought, December was a very busy month. I did try to do a little bit in the evenings, however getting home at 9pm and after a 13hr day that’s quite enough so as the title suggest this month, annoyingly December has come and gone with very very little being done on the car. But it’s not all woes as last weekend I have another special delivery, the next module which was the body!

So I decided to go black for my cobra rather than the usual blue. I want mine to be a little different from the rest so first of the colour scheme is important to me. I won’t go into details yet as to what else I’m doing because I want to post about it, so that comes later. But for now I am very happy with the body and it’s condition straight out of the mould. Obviously there’s still a huge amount of work to be done on the flash lines, cutting all the holes and there’s some little marks here and there but overall it looks very nice and may only require a good polish.

Although I think I’m going to flatten the entire body with 2000/2500wet and dry and then buff and polish it. Haven’t decided yet but the more work you put into it the better the result.

It won’t be long and I’ll be able to get some more on the car, there’s a few little bits I need to finish before I get on with the body but it won’t be long.

Oh plus I also put in an order for my side pipes, they’re currently being made so look forward to that too.

Until next time hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year (2016)