Body prep update 1

After rubbing down the flash lines on the front of the car (Both front wings and the nose, equated to a couple of hours work) I wanted to check if I will be able to get the flattened dull areas back to a nice shine, before I go ahead and mark the rest of the car! of course having the gelcoat in BLACK does make things a little tricker, you see every little dink! Perhaps in a few years I’ll end up getting it sprayed properly, but until then, if I can do enough body prep to get a decent job I’ll be happy.

Annoyingly the G3 Farecla didn’t arrive but the G10 did, similar compound rubbing agent but a lot finer, that is my finishing compound. I also don’t have an electric polisher so had to try it by hand with the use of a little waffle! I’ve learnt something already, I’m not doing the entire car by hand! no way! The main problem was I couldn’t rub enough of the compound in to get get the full effect and obviously not at 600rpm! So the next purchase will be an electric polisher with variable speeds and some mop heads etc.

However that being said (Before and after shots) …

This is the finish I managed to get after an hour using G10 Farecla compound (2 goes at rubbing it down) It’s not as shiny as the gelcoat yet, so theres still more to do, but I’m quite happy with the hand held result (I know its not a before and after shot, they are different sides, but you get the picture) and a huge bonus, NO flash lines 🙂 so i gotta be happy about that. There’s loads to on the entire car, doors, boot and donate, before anything goes together but I am happy and more confident I can get a decent finish now

Oh and I got some good today … I’m getting a special delivery tomorrow … what will it be … you’ll have to wait and see 😉


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