Body prep update 2

So! the first thing I’ve learnt so far working on the body is everything takes about 10 times longer than you actually think it will! That being said, it is starting to take shape again a little bit at a time, although it doesn’t blend well in a blog hence I’m just leaving a little bit of time between each one so show some progress as opposed to more flash lines being removed!

Before the body is fitted to the chassis there are several things you can do, holes to be cut, body parts to be trimmed etc etc. Thats basically what I’ve been doing past few days. I’ve trimmed the rear of the front wheel arches to allow for full range of movement of the wheels. Theres also a small section of the body by the rear wheel arch that needs trimming because the rear suspension arms on the ford running gets in the way (on the Jag donor it doesn’t) I’ve also temporarily fitted the fuel cap and roll bars by cutting the holes in the body as well as the holes of the door hinges.

There’s also quite a bit of work to be done on trimming the boot, bonnets and doors, and so far I’ve trimmed the boot only! It takes time, but once done it does feel good as its all hard grafting etc 🙂 Using an angle grinder to cut away the fibreglass and then sand it all down, again going through all the different grades till I end up with 2000 grit, keeping it all nice and smooth.

I’ve also be trying the polishing again, now I have the G3 and G10 Farecla compound I thought I’d revisit the front wings and try again. I also invested in a Silverline electric polisher to hopefully make things a little easier and I have to say, with practise I think it will be pretty good and I didn’t do to bad for the first go.

I remembered to do a before and after shot this time, which I am very pleased with, you can see I haven’t finished the front yet and I think I need to flatten the nose down with 2000 grit some more, theres still a few swirl marks I want to get rid off. For anyone else attempting to keep the body in a decent condition it pretty tough going to be honest and you have to be so careful and it gets very very messy. Black is probably the hardest body colour to work on in gelcoat, it does look great but you can see every tiny pin hole and sight error you make. SO this is going to take a while, I may well get it sprayed! haha but I’ll try and keep it in gelcoat first … lots of tiny imperfections to correct. But don’t get me wrong, Pilgrims gelcoat finish is one of best in the business, I’m just being a perfectionist!

But so far it looks good I think 🙂



2 thoughts on “Body prep update 2

  1. Looking really good Jason – I’ve just got the engine in, so hope to have that running early next week! Keep the posts coming 🙂



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