Body prep update 3

I think there’s going to be quite a few updates on the body preparation on here, which is kinda the point of my blog because its a run down of what I’m doing each time. So today I took another trip over to Pilgrim head quarters to pick up the next module parts (number 7, only 1 left before IVA) this gives me all the bright work etc, nudge bars and chrome plates, I also picked up the lights because I wanted to get all the holes cut in the body, prior to fixing the body to the chassis.

So far on the body, I’ve now completed trimmed the boot area, Boot lid itself and pre-fitted the license plate light. There’s four holes in the body for the seat belts to mounted to which require drilling and two 7/16 bolts fixed (as tight as you can possibly go, it HAS to be these or they fail the IVA) Holes for the fuel cap and roll bars are all done, although after fitting the chrome plates I think these will need a little adjustment. The seals around the doors have been trimmed ready for the seals and I’ve now cuts the holes for the side repeaters, headlights, indicators and holes for the front nudge bar.

As you can see there’s still the rear flash lines to do and more rubbing down on the front end, but that’s all part of the preparation. It’s nice to see the face lift coming along tho.

So next I have to cut the exhaust holes, which there is very little room for adjustment! I’m either going to get it right or terribly wrong. Trim the return edges on the doors and the bonnet along with cutting the bonnet scoop hole. Oh yes and finish the flash lines! SO much to prep to do, but hopefully I’ll have a kick ass body once its done.


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