Body prep update 4

Another couple hours spent in the garage rubbing down more flash lines and trimming edges.

To get started I had to cut the hole out of the bonnet scoop which was fun! I started by drilling to holes out at either end and attempted to cut form one to the other with a jig saw, only problem was was that you just don’t have enough space to get in and cut it properly. So the only other alternative I had was to use the angle grinder again and very carefully cut the hole out to a rough enough shape I could then finish it all off with a file and sand paper, before rubbing it down using wet and dry again.

This actually worked out quite well, you have to be careful but all was good. The next step was to trim the edges, another part of the mould process basically leaves a return edge on the boot, bonnet and doors which have to taken back so they are flush. Easy enough done with the grinder, again making sure to be careful. The only down side to all this I found was the finish leave the gelcoat exposed. Now I’ve seen some people leave this as it is, because you normally never really see it or look there to be honest, but it was something that I simply couldn’t leave alone as it was. So I decided to use a spray can of gloss black and simply cover the other areas so when viewed they appeared black! Simply really, now I know the colour won’t be an exact match but for an area you’ll not really see, I thought it would make a good compromise.

Hopefully you can see what I mean by the photos above of the door, this was done to the underside of the boot and bonnet.

The only other task I set about to today was to finish up sanding down the flash lines on the front of the car which run down from the wings over the lights and under the car. Some of these will be covered by the lights themselves but to be sure I made sure they were flattened enough so when the lights are finally fitted, I’ll have a smooth finish.

Progress feels very slow at the moment, with so much to do and flatten, I guess I could do it in stages, like work on the front of the car fist, fit everything and then the rear, but at the moment I just want to get the bodywork done to ensure I can get the finish I’d like for the stripes and hopefully it will save me doing it all later, well other than the polishing!

Oh and plus the garage needs a good clean, the amount of dust everywhere is something else! The next part (nothing exciting yet) is to flatten the rear flash lines, temporarily fit the bonnet and then I think its time to put the wheels back on, get the car out of the garage and clean! I did say not very exciting, but I need a clean garage before I look at fixing the body down and then putting the strips on.

I preferred the mechanical part to be fair, felt like more progress, but you gotta keep pushing on.


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