Body prep update 5


I can finally say, no more flash lines to rub down, thats the entire car (joins) gone over with 400, 800, 1200 and 2000 wet and dry. But if you think its over you’d be sadly mistaken! Another part of the process is in certain places the flash line create small lumps and diverts or small hole in the body, not an issue if they are very small, however if you have a black gelcoat, they stand out quite a bit. So next I’ll have to ‘repair’ the blemishes with new gelcoat and rub those down. If I can then achieve a flat finish I should be able to polish it back to a shine keeping the body in a decent condition. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before but you do need to be careful around the body, the gelcoat can mark easily when working nearby, so be warned.

The other really exciting thing I had to do today was clean the garage! The amount of dust that was lying around and all over literally everything was ridiculous. So I popped the wheels back on and pushed her out, Gave the garage a brush and quick clean and while the body was on the drive I thought why not give it a little wash, this way I could see if there were any further small imperfections and set about flattening them.

I have to admit I do kinda ache all over now! haha not use to manual labour! But I’m glad this stage has been dealt with.

So next I’ll try repairing a few of the imperfections and fit the bonnet. I’m just waiting for the brackets, but once they arrive, the bonnet goes on and then I’m ready to start the process of bolting the body to the chassis. I’m leaving the polishing till a little later on once the body is fitted down I think I’ll have a better platform to work on.

Won’t be long now and I should be able to start fitting and bolting the brightwork to the body.


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