Moving on!

No prep work today, instead it was time to fit the bonnet, a job much much easier with the body off the chassis, so off it came. Its a fairly straight forward procedure, I started off by laying the rubber seal around the body where the bonnet lays. Then by commando crawling under the body I was able to bolt the fixing bracket to a bracket moulded into the chassis and then align up all the other parts, mark them on the under side of the bonnet and drill a couple of pilot holes.

There’s quite a bit of adjustment there if needed, I used a single M8 nut on one side to move the alignment over a little to match the other side. A little wiggle and all fits together no problem. You also have to take a small notch out either side of the body to allow for the brackets to freely move as the bonnet opens.

While the body is off the chassis and outside I also decided to cut a few more holes that were needed mainly so the dust was blown away and not all over the car again! I spent a good 45mins just dusting off all the fibreglass from the chassis today as well. I drilled a couple of holes for the windscreen wipers and the demister vents and temporarily fitted them. Easy to do really, just following the manual and checking a few measurements.

As well as fixing the bonnet I did a last minuet tidy up on the chassis, just a couple of wires to fix down and tape over, those not be used etc. The expansion tank overflow tube was routed down the bulkhead and tied to the chassis. But the main item to fit was the wiper motor.

Having a look at the position of it and how it fits to the chassis, to try and fit it with the body on would have been very difficult. When I was checking the position on where to bolt it, you’ll notice there’s a steel tube brace in the footwell, that can get in the way and its all a little tight. Of course the route I choose to run the hydraulic clutch was slighting in the way as well so I decided to attach it to the square tube running across the top using 2 60mm M8 bolts (which you can see below)

It’s all mounted very securely (doesn’t budge an mm) and mounting it in this position has given me a little extra space for everything else, annoyingly I also snapped another drill bit! Gotta stop buying cheap brill bits .. or be more careful!

Once that was all done, it was time to put the body back on the chassis in preparation to finally fixing it down. BUT before this was done, I put the roll bars back on and because I didn’t want to remove the fuel tank, I had to lift the body a little to bolt them in place. Fairly easy to do, just a bit awkward unless you enlist the help of someone else, I managed to get the wife out and help me with of this, oh and lifting the body on and off, she comes in handy 🙂

The last and final item that was completed today was the front lights, although the indicators will come off again when I complete the wiring, you still have to drill the holes for the self taping screws. All simple enough really by following the manual and gave a me little sense of achievement after another day.


And that was about it for the day, and it was a very cold day at that. I retired in doors to warm up and write the next chapter on the blog … done!

Hoping I’ll have time on Sunday to start bolting the body to the chassis, front, back and then the doors … oh and a few other bright works along the way (MAYBE)! we’ll see how it all goes.


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