The Body gets fixed to the chassis

As the title says, today was the day I really had to make a move on fitting the body to the chassis, I mean I do want to get this car finished!

So, first things first, I jacked the car back up on its axle stands and took the wheels off. Reading through the manual it does really lay it out for you step by step the correct way to fit the body down so by following this it all went down nice and smoothly really.

Firstly I started at the back end and by using a long spirit level and tape, I measure and aligned the body so I have an even distance from the wheel hubs to the outer ridge of the body on each side. Sounds simple, and to be fair it was, I had to make a few adjustments to the roll bar holes I had drilled already (as a note you can leave that till after the body if fitted) mine were a little out, but not by far, the odd 5mm shaved off here and there. But once that was done, I moved to the front of the car and did the same. Once I was happy I bolted the front end down using two M8 bolts on the nose cone and moved to the rear end. Checked measurements again and proceeded to drill the holes I needed in the boot area and riveted this to the chassis. Simple!

Lastly one quick check all was good and then I did the same to the area where the back of the seats will be. Taking extra care here because closely on the underside of this area are the brake lines! But once it was all drilled and riveted down, I felt happy it all looked good and after a few hours it was done.

As you’ll see from the photo in the boot area photo, I actually used a spanner to space out my rivet positions as it made a very neat and accurate evenly spaced 150mm.

With the body fixed down at the front and rear it was time to look at the doors, now I’ve been told and read these can be difficult but with time and patience you can get a good finish and gaps. Firstly though I had to bolt the door hinge to the chassis … be prepared to be just like mr fantastic as the use of elastic and stretchy arms helps! Well when you’re not sure which is the best way to go about it.

What I found was if you attached the rear two bolts first (using the M10 nut as a spacer) and come at it from the seated position its fairly straight forward and then the front two are the easy to get too. I haven’t tightened them all down yet as I want to offer up the doors and get the angles right. Theres plenty of play in the positioning of the door hinges too so lots to adjust and get just right, before you attach the door.

And there you have it, driver side done first, but for now I have to stop as its our valentines night out tonight. Both myself and the wife are working on the 14th so were off out tonight instead, the car will have to wait until tomorrow … door hanging day (hopefully)


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