Doors anyone!

Just a short update from yesterday as I only really had an hour in the garage what with sorting other work and a mass editing run for a client. Anyway on to the car, as I said I wanted to get the door hinges on securely and the doors fitted. This is where its quite important (I think) you follow the manual. Hinges no problem at all really you just need to be extra bendy or ask for help on 1 or two nuts, I found the steering wheel got in the way a little (Passenger side no problem what so ever).

I’ve added an additional photo here which shows the M8 bolts going through the chassis with a M10 nut in-between the bracket and chassis (quite important its spaced like this)

Once I had the door hinges on nice and tight I put the ‘drivers’ side door up for temp fit and by sticking some masking tape on the slots where the hinges attach it was easy to mark with a pen where to drill. The holes are elongated so drill in the middle to give you some extra space for adjustment. Now you obviously have to be careful here because in the door there is bonded strip of metal and then a small gap before the outer skin of the door! drill to hard and you’ll have a nice hole through the entire door! You could put something in-between like a piece of wood but I just went nice and slow, going from a size 4 drill bit to a 6 then an 8 and it was easy, no damage done. Line the door up and bolt together … When sticking your hand in the door to tighten the nuts be sure to wear gloves as the fiberglass is very rough in there!

As I was short on time I had a little fiddle with the side skirts , adjusting and aligning them up to the door which all seems to be a fairly good fit. But I didn’t have time to drill and bolt it all together so that’ll have to wait. Instead I quickly did the same to the other side door, BUT only loosely as you need to do one side at a time and work across the car, otherwise you’ll hit problems.

So there you have it, doors mounted, alignment to sort on my next visit into the garage, which will most likely only be a short one again until the weekend, pesky jobs getting in the way! But on a plus Man City didn’t look to bad last night, played some good football …


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