Viper stripes

While I’m waiting for the receipt of the nuts I had to order for the exhaust bobbins, a point I’ll never understand. Why sell the bobbins with the exhausts but no nuts! and seeing as they are quite specific I’m at a loss, you may as well buy a house with no doors or windows, ummm you kinda need em! Anyway on to more positive things.

I’ve been having a personal battle with the body and struggling to use the electric buffer with reasonable results. Until today! Everything aside I decided that I would give the buffing another try using a different pad, a nice thick sponge, very different from the waffles I’ve been using. Having a go on the rear I set about it and to my surprise this sponge was a lot more manipulatable than the waffles so I was able to follow the curves of the body a lot better and get a decent result. Ok so there are still repairs I need to do and a few scratches I need flatten down, but I’m confident I can now use the buffer as intended.

So on to the next phase, before I fix everything down on the brightwork module I wanted to have a go a marking up the stripes I will be putting on. Now I must be mad in either a good or bad way, because this will either make my car look as awesome as I want it … OR it will hold my build up by possibly a year while I have to get the body properly sprayed and sorted which I really haven’t budgeted for. I’m hoping for the first option to be fair 🙂

Anyway, first things first, I had to mark up the stripes with tape, ensuring correct gaps and straight lines, equal distances etc etc! I set about marking out the centre of the body and measured out at various intervals along the length of the car. I decided to do 2 fat stripes and 2 pin stripes either side of it, 4 in total. It took a little while to mark it up, ok a few hours but I think it was worth it, as I’m happy with the job I’ve done and I think it now looks good, totally changes the look and feel of the car. I’m quite excited.

There you go, I’ve now got to get some paper to cover the rest of the car so its protected when I spay it, but I like it. Hopefully at some point this week in the evening I’ll rub down the gaps in-between the lines so the primer has something to bind too. Then I’ll test it on a small area, with the final orange to see what the colour comes out like.

That’s it for another day, little bit at a time at the moment … keep watching to see the transformation …

UPDATE 1 … Rather than do a new page to the blog, I thought I’d just do a quick update on this post, it’s going to take a while to spray as I need more paint etc and time! so I’m left waiting at the moment. But here’s the first bit of prep work, car all wrapped (like Christmas present) and first coat of primer has gone on. It’s a little patchy so it’ll need  second coat, which will have to wait till the end of the week, when the paint arrives. But on reflection it appears to have gone on ok, wasn’t difficult, just take your time, its all in the prep apparently! I’m really hoping this will make my cobra stand out and put the ‘my build’ stamp on the car.

Points to note, decided I need a new mask and goggles, the one I’ve been using for all the fiberglassing is ok, but NOT for spraying, even just doing the little bit on the nose, was like wow I could really do my lungs and eyes some damage here! Back to amazon for a mask upgrade 🙂

Fairly happy at the moment, obviously wont be able to tell until the wrapping and masking comes off …. so nervous doing this part, but I’m building this car to be mine and to drive, NOT to sit in a garage to be polished every day!


UPDATE 2 … Before I do a separate ‘reveal’ post, here’s another quick update on progress … I was quite happy with the test base coat so decided that it was time to just cover the whole area. 95% went a lot better than I expected after inspection this morning, with a few runs on the backend I’ll have to wet and dry them and then most likely build the base layer up again. I think I’m having a slight issue because of the temperature and curvature of the boot, it’s a little cold so too much spray at once and it runs! you’d be surprised how little you need to add. So tonight I’m back in to finish up the boot and last coat of primer (hopefully)

Showing off my new mask and goggles … and yes they are awesome, after 60 mins in there I didn’t smell a single fume … till I got out and went in 30mins later to check things! damn I’m glad I brought those!



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