Viper Stripes pt 2

It’s all taking shape again and I can finally get on with more of the car build itself, although strictly speaking I still am, I’m just doing a lot of the body and paint work myself, which without all the proper equipment and a spay booth plus the skills and knowledge makes progress a little slower.

So let me break it down, firstly, WHY! well because I love the classic cobra shape when it is complimented with the traditional viper stripes. Nothing more, its purely a “I like it” moment and thats all. Orange really! umm yes, because it looks awesome! the two colours offset themselves completely and differences in contrast is very eye catching. But it’s not for everyone and thats ok, because its not their car, its mine, hence doing it my way. 4 instead of 2 … stripes that is and yes, I do like the pin stripe down the outsides, plus it helps create a wider strip which again sets it all off. Paint instead of vinyl?! well I couldn’t find anywhere that explained or showed how to mould the vinyl around the bonnet scoop and as I want to have my stripes wider than the scoop I came to the conclusion that I needed to spray it.

On to the work, after doing a fair of research about spraying onto fibreglass and what primer you should use etc etc, theres plenty out there, I opted for a company called Paints4u who do everything premixed in spray cans and special nozzles that give you a wider spray pattern. I have to say I am extremely impressed with the paint they’ve supplied and delivery. Again i opted for ready mixed can mainly because it saved my buying to loaning a compressor and spray gun and having to mix everything and HOPE I got all that right. You’ve obviously seen the car being marked up which I also put a few updates on the last blog entry of the masking and primer coat etc so now it was time to take the plunge and prep for the final coat of orange.

After I’d sprayed the primer I then wet flattened the areas with 2000 and wiped clean with a rag, a good rag mind you. In the meantime I had already covered the garage in rush sheets and checked all the tape was still as it should be. I’d also brought a £13 air heater from B&Q which worked a treat and warmed the garage up nicely so drying times between coats were 10mins and the paint after this didn’t run. SO if you’re thinking of doing it yourself and its a bit cold, get a small heater, they help a lot.

The rest was then just sprayed on in the usual way, again check the proper spraying guides, they do have a lot of help and videos on You Tube. Before the last coat of paint had fully dried, I peeled back the tape and removed it all from the car, apparently it helps create a nice neat cut in the paint. Well, its true it did seem to work a treat.

I should point out the last images show the dust sheets all removed and the garage almost back to normal! HOWEVER I’ve not done any tying up yet, annoyingly I had a few bleeds through the tape which I’ll have to sort out, but otherwise I’m really pleased as to how its gone. The gel coat is good enough to leave for a few years and the stripes, well not being a several thousands worth of spray job, they are good enough and I love it.

So once I sort all the little areas out, I’ll give the car one last clean, polish with the G3 and G10 and then apply a good coat of wax to help protect it all. All in all looking rather good I’d like to think.


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