Slowly does it

After finishing the stripes I had to leave them to dry for a good 48 hours, so today I went back into the garage to have a look and see what need tiding up. Annoyingly quite a bit, but I know I’m being over picky and its not a top rate spray job, but there are places that just aren’t quite as I’d wanted. So today I spent most of the day sorting the back end out, flattening down the stripe and polishing where I could. There were a few scratches that needed polishing out and I eventually noticed that I hadn’t quite gotten rid of the flash lines by the rear lights. More rubbing down!

However I took my time and I’m 99% happy with the result. Just don’t look at it too close 😉 … anyway while I was working on finishing the back end, I thought I’d fix the petrol cap, license plate light, boot lock and roll bar escutcheon plates.

Photo 06-03-2017, 16 35 16

I’m using G3 polishing compound at the moment and getting quite a nice shine from the gel coat and now with all the little bits of chrome going on, its all starting to look rather nice and the orange is really starting to pop out form the rest of the car.

With those parts all fitted I set about fitting the bracket for the boot lock, which I wasn’t sure how or what I was going to do until I saw an older post of a simple ‘L’ shape bracket and a bolt in the end to catch the lock on. Easy really, measured up what I needed and then set about making it. To position it I did this with the book closed, the lock in a locked position and by crawling in the boot space via the rear wheel arch! It a tight space, should have got the wife to do that part, but I didn’t think she’d appreciate that!

Photo 06-03-2017, 16 36 09

That’s it, nothing fancy and I thought lets face it for 99% of the time you’ll never see it as the boot will be closed! But at least it locks and is secure now too. Just have to paint it black so it doesn’t stand out to much as a bolt!

I set about pre-drilling the holes for the rear lights, only to realise that I don’t have the rear indicators! oh umm, I’ll take the ones off the front and use them for now. But first I have to polish the bottom rear again where I had to rub down the flash lines some more. Sadly the gelcoat wasn’t particularly thick here and I’ve rubbed through to the clear coat underneath, I’m not sure how I’m going to deal with this yet, but I’m sure I’ll come up with something.

That’s it for now, lots of time spent doing the small jobs to get it all looking as nice as I can. I’ll most likely finish off the rear lights tomorrow and maybe look at the rear nudge bar or re-visit the exhausts. Still a lot of polishing to do but I’ll get there … eventually!


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