It has a face!

I had so many good intensions today with getting lots done, and although I sat back and had a look I was and am pleased with progress today, even if I am a little short of where I wanted to be (I’ll explain why in a mo)

But for now …

Photo 17-03-2017, 16 33 52Feast your eyes on this little beauty!

So what did I do today, well, I spent a few good hours rubbing down and polishing the front of the car to get it ready for a good dose of wax after I’ve dug out and repaired all the little gelcoat dips I need to do. I’m still not getting the hand of the polisher tho, on most places its fine, but on other areas I catch the odd hole and it rips the pads to bits, I went through 3 today! No wonder most people get their car painted by someone else! It’s a lot of prep. But it looking good I’d like to think.

Thought I would also finish the bonnet lock handles today as well, which are straight forward, I’d already cut the holes for them, all that was left to do was, fix the handle and put the locking shoe on the bottom. 10mins later after a little adjusting and the bonnet locks tight.

I forgot to take a photo of the locking shoe, so when I get around to it, I’ll do that again later and add it as an update.

Then came the item that took me the rest if not all of the afternoon and I’m sure others have fitted this quickly, I just either didn’t check as I was going or I need to invest in some ratchet spanners! I’m talking about the front nudge bar which for me was a complete faff to fit! Well actually it was quite easy, and if you follow the manual nice and straight forward. My issue came about when I mounted it all together, as careful as I was it was at a slight angle, and on viewing I noticed one side was higher than the other, so off it all came and I began filing and opening the holes that the nudge bar coms through. Making sure I lifted one side and lowered the other. within the whole setup if you tighten the top more than the bottom or vice versa it can help position the front of the nudge bar. Once I was happy with the position I then had to drill 2 8mm holes in the uprights and attached the front section. You can see from the photos how its all set up, although if you follow the manual its pretty straight forward too. After taking the bars out several times and it felt like forever I managed to get a decent alignment that I’m happy with.

Well, that’s it for now, work beckons for the next few days so the car will have remain in the garage until then, hopefully I’ll be picking up a few little bits that will enable me to finish the windscreen, install the washer jet and connect the hoses to the demisters.

Until then I leave you with one more shot of how the car currently looks 🙂

Photo 17-03-2017, 16 32 57


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