I hate wiring!

I’m sure I’ve said this before but I really do hate wiring and I think at the moment just the simple parts have set me back several days, which doesn’t sounds like much granted, but still, it’s annoying and I should be further ahead than I am.

This is the reason why I haven’t updated anything lately because I’ve been busy trying to solve some issues I was having. Thankfully Mike at Pilgrim was able to talk me through most of it and how I could test certain circuits to see what should have power when the ignition was in position 1 and 2 etc. There was a lot of head scratching because I had fuses blowing that shouldn’t have, no power to the back end and no hazards/indicators! SO quite a bit really!

My biggest problem was I read the haynes manual wrong and assumed I needed a wire that was already attached to the donor switches but not mentioned in the pilgrim loom. WRONG! ignore all the old wiring and just connect up the correct pilgrim colours to the pin numbers (again I’m sure I’ve said this) But on this occasion I had an extra cable which was an earth, assuming I’d need it, connected and that’s where a lot of problems occurred! Mike thankfully explain what I needed to remove and why, plus he tested my switches for me and confirmed they were working as they should, and talked me through other tests I could do to test the circuit etc.

BUT despite all this I was still having fuses blow, I even swapped a few wires in the rear lights which temporarily fixed the problem. Yes I thought, I have power to rear lights, happy days, but then when I looked at the brake lights they weren’t working! more head scratching until (again with the help of Mike) and more testing I isolated the problem to one of my rear lights. Basically one of the small connectors inside was touching the metal of the surround slightly causing an earth, so every time I connected the battery and tested my side lights, the fuse blew! Makes sense now! SO that was taken apart and fixed, and then once everything was put back together, OMG I had side lights, front and rear lights, number plate and brake lights, YES finally I can move on 🙂 so happy right now!

I tested the wiper motor and that all works and wired up the mini heater to test and that works too. Phew, so many problems but none really that anyone with an ounce of common sense in wiring would be able to fix, a little bit of knowledge and being methodical in testing all the wiring would probably have helped but I get flustered to easy and think its the end of the world! haha I make my self laugh!

Anyway, back on with the build, once I had everything working the way I should do, it was time to tidy up the wiring, put it all in conduit and fix it to the chassis/body. Neat and tidy is the way, which I think I have done. Both rear and front end have now been sorted. I’ll need more conduit to finish off the column and dash area and my flasher relay was dud so new one on order, but for now It’s time to get on with finishing the doors and fibreglassing the rear end!

Photos above – Nothing really exciting, just my finished wiring.

Not sure how much I’ll get done this week, busy week at work, but next opportunity I get, I’ll keep you updated on whats new.


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