Carpets and seats … almost!

Well, I didn’t quite get everything done I wanted too during my days off, I was held up a little this morning after the dogs had a little spat and our new foster was left feeling sorry for herself. So I thought I’d better stay with them for a couple hours to make sure things were ok.

Once that was done, it was back to the car and on with the interior. The next thing I wanted to get sorted was the seat belts. It all makes perfect sense straight out of the box, the only things I didn’t have were anymore 7/16 nylon nuts, and I needed 6! oh bugger! thankfully I found a motor factors nearby who stocked them. Paid them visit along with B&Q for a couple of 50mm square load spreading plates (Rounded edges, possible new IVA rule coming into play) and then back to the car. I then set about making up the seat belts and oh no wait, the attachments in the top of the car holes were too small! I’d pre-drilled the holes so I could get to them once the body was fitted, but the washers that come with the kit were a lot bigger, basically the top mount should be sunk into the body, so you need to drill a bigger hole! I ended up using a small 2.5mm drill bit and making lots of tiny holes and finally breaking them in together to form one big hole! Once that was done the top mounts fitted fine. I’ve put together the rest of the pieces but haven’t attached to the car yet.

Photo 13-04-2017, 21 58 32

I wasn’t sure about them at first but now they are fitted, they look alright actually, I haven’t tighten then up yet, thats for another day.

And as you can see by the little teaser pic above, I have also installed the carpet set and pre-fitted the seats. Firstly I decide to finish the boot, which is fairly straight forward, its come in 3 pieces, One main piece to cover the floor and two side pieces that cover the rear wheel arches that I painted all nice! oh well! To fix this to the boot floor I used a combination of Compact spray glue and some carpet double sided tape which worked a treat. Theres a little bit of trimming and folding here and there, but all in all its a pretty decent fit and straight forward.

Next came the cockpit area, and there are loads of pieces of carpet to sort through and fit, once laid out they look like a right mess, BUT as you start laying them down in the car, you can start to see how they all go together, which ones overlap the others so you end up with a nice even finish. After I pre-fitted the carpet set, I took it all out and then one by one, stuck each piece back into place. Again using a mix of spray glue and tape to fit it all in. You can now see the custom colours and stitching I had done to compliment my choice of colour scheme for the car. Needless to say I think it will be one of a kind 🙂 My kind of car!

Thats a great thing about getting the set from Pilgrim as part of the module set, you can practically customise it to however you want it to look. The orange piping and cross hatched stitching on the seats are custom as is the cross hatch leather tunnel and rear padding. I decided to keep the stitching in those to black tho, as I didn’t want to over do the orange!

You’ll note the gaiters haven’t been fitted and there’s still no dash, this is in progress, I only have one pair of hands.

Oh I nearly forgot, in order to fit the seats, after I had fitted the runners to the bottom of the seat with some M8 bolts (seems they have a different set up now compared to the manual) I drew up a template in cardboard and marked the positions of the bolts. I then transferred this to the chassis floor, marked it out and drilled the holes. Once that was done I tried the seats again and thankfully managed to line them up alright … on the passengers side anyway. On the drivers side, the floorpan was slightly bowed, so the bolts didn’t reach the floor!! oh no whats happened. Well nothing major, with the galvanisation of sheet metal it can warp and distort slightly, so to fix this I used a straight piece of metal under floor and jacked it up to a position where I could then get the bolts through the floor, job done. I haven’t finally fitted the seat down yet, as it was getting late.

So next time I can get out into the garage I’ll get the seat belts fitted and the seats bolted down to the floor pan. I’ve then got the gaiters around the hand break and gear stick to fit along with the dash and tiding up the electrics, still a way to go BUT …

… So close now …. till next time


2 thoughts on “Carpets and seats … almost!

  1. Realy like the interior.
    Given me some ideas .
    Going to Goodwood end of June then onto the factory to order my kit.
    Have been reading your blog great stuff .
    Cheers Neil.


    • Thanks Neil, I wanted it to compliment the look of the car and to carry the design through.
      There’s quite a bit you can do with the interior on the modular build with regards to finishes and colours etc

      If possible you should try and pop up to Stoneleigh, National Kit Car show, end of this month, it’ll be worth it



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