Waiting Game now!

If you’re sat there reading this and considering a build or even part way through etc (obviously hope you find this helpful) but anyway, I decided to start looking at what I need to do for the IVA and found out today I have to apply to the DVLA for a new VIN number which could take weeks, maybe as long as 4! So when you’re approaching the end of tour build give yourself plenty of time to get things ready and get all the ducks in a row as they say. So today I contacted the DVLA and started the process, I’m hoping it will be quick, fingers crossed because once I have that I can fill in the IVA form and get that under way too. Seems kinda scary and exciting all at the same time, its so close to becoming a reality of actually driving my own car!

Anyway time is quite limited at the moment but there’s still quite a few things to do, so this evening I set about finishing off the door cards and handles etc. After I’d finally managed to get the mechanisms working, with a combination of clips and cables I decided to use industrial velcro to keep the door cards on so theres no screws being shown, although I’m not impressed with them at the moment, as they haven’t stuck as good as I thought, so I might go back to screwing them in, but for now they’ll do. It’ll be a modification at some point perhaps!

Photo 20-04-2017, 20 53 37 Theres the finished article, I have to say I do like the orange trim 🙂

Next on the menu was the handbrake and gear nob gaiters, these are all straight forward really, mark the holes, drill the holes, screw in and just make sure the gaiters are secured under the plates, done! Well, almost, the only thing I can’t figure out right now is how they attach to either the handbrake or gear stick!? Very confused at this at the moment, so although I think they look good attached they aren’t secured at the top. Not sure if thats an issue or not currently.

I’ve also got to sort the glove box out, which at the moment one of my air ducts is in the way! Hmmm, perhaps having to wait a few weeks will give me time to think about the solutions to these.

Well, thats another evening out of the way and few little bits done.


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