Ok, so today I can now share my news with you all, if you’re heading to the National Kit Car Show at Stoneleigh ( next weekend, Sun 30th – Mon 1st 2017 (incase anyone reads this weeks, months or years from now please note the date) then you’ll obviously have an amazing time, its looks awesome, BUT you’ll also get to see my car on the Pilgrim stand, the modules I’ve built it from, how and I’ll even be there on the Monday, so if you’re coming please pop by and say hi. Happy to talk to anyone about my experiences and the build etc of my car.

But I had to say good bye to the car today as Pilgrim have taken it week early to help sort preparations out for their stand, which by the sounds of it will feature customers cars this year, which I think is great. Seeing factory built cars is wonderful, but you know they’re gonna look awesome they’re built by pro’s, so seeing an amateur build will hopefully spur a few people on who aren’t sure if they can or should to give it a go. And trust me it took me a while to decide if I should take the plunge, then 7 months ago and now when I look at what I’ve built and today I drove it out of the garage under its own fuel! it was so so cool 🙂

There is she is, off out on the road and off to Stoneleigh next weekend.

I’m a stones throw away from IVA now, were almost there, this weeks gonna be a little strange as I don’t have anything to do in the garage, but to be fair I’m away all weekend at the FA Cup semi finals, then away for a couple of days with the wife, more football and work, so I actually wouldn’t have any time this week … so what am I worried about!

So in short, if you’re going to the national kit car show on the sunday pop over to pilgrim and check the car, kit etc out or if you’re going Monday, come over and say Hi, I’ll be the guy standing around, big grin not knowing whats going on … more than likely 🙂




2 thoughts on “Stoneleigh

  1. Hi would loved to see the car .But unfortunately can’t make it this year as away in Scotland for the national caravan rally .Will be the first I have missed in 8 years . Enjoy the show. As said before going to factory end of June.


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