Winter Update

Sadly nothing to report yet, with one thing and another towards the middle and end of this year, worlds have been turned upside down (mum passing away) and then home situations changed a little (took my motorbike license as another form of transport, LONG STORY, needless to say we had too many vehicles so two cars had to be sold, replaced with one so now the wife and I share that, BUT I wasn’t going to sell the Cobra)

Then I had an unfortunate accident on the bike, thankfully nothing to seriously but its left my right hand (my do everything hand) needing physio and my grip is rubbish, so I literally can’t complete the work on the car currently with one hand! Hence she still sits in the garage gathering dust waiting to be completed, I’m gutted about that, but little I can do currently.

As soon as I can, and its not far from the IVA really I’ll be able to get that sorted and let you know how it all goes, the pit falls, how the car performed getting through, if it gets through of course, any niggles and things I can help with. HOPEFULLY!

Sorry for those who were waiting to see how it finishes, you’ll have to wait a little longer … Thank you