Overheating and Pre MOT

Update time. So I’ve been having problems with overheating on the Cobra lately and been racking my brain to figure out why and what I needed to do to sort it.

Speaking with guys on the UK Cobra Forum they’ve been suggesting that the  configuration isn’t great as it is and there’s been a lot of people in similar positions where they’ve had issues with bleeding all the air out of the system. Well turns out that was one of the issues! Here’s a run down of what I did …

Firstly I had to check if the stat was still working, so this came out of the thermostat housing and in a pan of boiling water, thankfully that opened up with no problems. Next up I changed the fan switch so that it opened up at 82deg instead of the supplied one at 88deg, this way the fan kicks in earlier. I also added some Water Wetter to the system as we refilled it after the switch was removed lost some liquid. Then I removed the front grill which at best has some tiny holes in, which looks quite restrictive. I’d been told about this before, so that came off. The last thing we did was I added a few little washers to the expansion cap as I don’t believe this properly pressurised the system as it was wobbly.  We bled the system again by squeezing the bottom hose and then the top one as some air was still bubbling out. A lot of this I have to thank TONY for as he came down and gave me some help on checking it all over, so thanks Tony.

Once we’d done all this, I started her up and waited until it got up to temperature, check the reading within the car which sat just below 90, perfect. Once it had been running for a little while we used a infra-red heat gun to check the temperature of the engine and rad against the gauge. Turns out the gauge isn’t that accurate either! Probably about 10deg out by the readings. So thats not to bad, at least I know now the cars not over heating!

Yay, problem solved … hopefully.

Ok so next it was time to re book a pre-MOT and see how well the build had gone so far. After the disappointment of the last attempt I managed to find a local garage down the road (about a mile away) who had a mechanic called Steve that just happens to work on V8’s (Bonus) after a quick chat and some helpful info on the cooling system. I decided to book the MOT with them. If you’re local to me you need to check out Clarks Auto Service who have been fantastic (www.clarksautoservice.co.uk)

Really nervous drive down to them, considering the last outing but once there, Steve got the car on the ramps and we went through a normal MOT test. Aligned the light as they were a little low. Thankfully we also found one nut that wasn’t tighten so that was sorted.  We tested the emissions and adjusted the carbs so both side read around 1.4-1.6 Co2 so for the age of the engine thats ok. The Brakes were pretty good too, all balanced and pretty much equal so all in all a good pre-mot.

It’s left me with a few minor areas to adjust and secure, nothing bad just things that will make the car safer, so that all good.

The drive back home, was A LOT more enjoyable 🙂 … 2 weeks till the IVA!


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