I wish I had better news but sadly I didn’t get a pass first time.  It’s really annoying actually on what the car failed on, but let me elaborate first on the day …

We had a nice early start, 6am which I’m sure the neighbours loved, but after the last few weeks I was pretty confident that the car was good to go and everything was as ready as I could make.

On arrival the IVA inspector was very friendly and started off by saying he wasn’t there to judge or point out all the floors but to help get the car through and ensure it was safe. And I have to say my experience down at Southampton was very good. After driving the car up on the ramps and checking underneath he checked for all snags or anything loose. Check the wheels and brake hoses, so far so good. Checked the lights all working fine, mirror test and brakes were all good, both with and without servo assistance. Noise test came in at 95dbs and the emissions were down at 1.5c so all good too. Seat belts were checked along with internal and external projections, again all good.

The ONLY sticking point was when it came to the speedo test. I’d already measured and calibrated the speedo. We tested it at all the speeds on the way to the test centre which was pretty much spot on. Until about a mile togo … the needle started moving all over the place. When it came to the test, sure enough the speedo didn’t read and then it did and then it was all over the place. Thankfully the IVA man let me put the car back on the ramp to see if I could figure out what it was. I was hoping that perhaps the sensor had come a little loose, maybe from vibrations … but sadly no, as I was checking it, the sensor had sheared in half, no way of repairing it. So it ended with a fail on the speedo, not for incorrect speed, but because the thing broke! So annoying!

On a positive note everything I’d built up to this point was good and the car was fine, I was just beaten by a dodgy sensor, just my luck.

New one on order, I’ll re-book a test asap tomorrow and hope I get an early date, it’s an easy fix, because I know it was working. Still very annoying to get that far and it to brake literally as it goes in for its test. Should have passed first time!

Retest set for Friday the 6th July 2018, new speedo on the way, that’s my weekend planned!


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