IVA Passed :)

Woohooooo we have lift off or in our world we have an IVA pass, YES! Couldn’t be happier about that. Finally after 9 months of building the car, then a year out and a then back with a couple of months finishing it all off, its done 🙂

As you know basically all I had to do was get to the IVA station with an intact speedo sensor and run the test. I knew it was calibrated more or less, and as it happens, it turned out to be fine! Pity it didn’t do the first time! It still annoys me that because of the one failure I had to pay £90 for a retest that took literally 5 minutes! Was it a weakness in the sensor or did I over tighten it and the vibrations snapped it in two. Who knows … well to be fair it doesn’t matter any more, I have my IVC 🙂


Photo 06-07-2018, 09 22 26

I guess the only thing I did different second time around with the speed sensor was when I installed it I put it through a grommet so that it would have a certain amount of dampening if the vibrations were an issue last time. Seemed to work fine 🙂 and it was straight forward to install a new one.

The drive down was lovely, the weather was gorgeous and the temps kept rising to probably about 25deg on my way back, perfect weather to enjoy such a great car.

So what’s next … registration. I have my V55/5 all filled in, plus the other necessary paper work and the tax for a PLG with an engine this size works out to be £255 so thats all sorted. Hopefully the DVLA won’t take to long and I’ll receive my new V5 and reg very soon.

At the end of it all, or well to be honest, months ago I decided I would name the car and had a sticker made so I could proudly display on my car … my car 🙂 one of a kind in its configuration. Love it and her name is LUCILLE … after one of my favourite tv shows ‘Walking Dead’

But this isn’t the end, there are modifications I now want to do and I’ll be documenting all of those too so keep your eye peeled for more, or if you’re using the build to aid your own build then I wish you best of luck, you will and I have get there.


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