So what do you do once you’ve passed the IVA, bling the car a little by adding a little chrome here and there.

Here’s a run down of what I’ve done done far … One major change was to the front nose, which I’ll go into detail a little further on. I’ve added a couple of ‘AC’ badges to the nose and boot and a cobra snake badge on the sides. I’ve replaced the rubber washer jet with a nice chrome one and added some chrome to the side vents. The mirrors have been replaced with a set of round period chrome mirrors, as well as the rear view mirror, thats now mounted above the dash area.

The nose … I really liked the single bar across the nose area instead of a grill, but you need a grill to protect the rad from stone chips etc. I decided that I would remove the pilgrim supplied grill and replace it with a more open grill from B&Q set this back within the nose area and install a single chrome bar at the front.



This was fairly straight forwarding I managed to mould the mesh inside the nose area and connect it to the nudge bar rods and connect it to the bottom of the opening by bending it around and securing it with the same bolts I used on the old mesh. The bar itself is just a chrome rail bar from B&Q with a long threaded bolt through the middle and secured in by using some left over rubber hose, cut and squashed in, it was very very tight so i’m not worried about any movement there. Looks a lot better I think.



Quick view of the AC badge on the front and rear. I had to drill some small holes for these and then used some glue to make sure it wouldn’t come off! You can see the little sticker I had made up for ‘Lucille’ on the rear right hand side. Begging for a number plate now.



The chrome side pipe shields came with the exhausts when I brought them over a year ago, I’ve been waiting a while to get these bad boys on. Hopefully they’ll help prevent any burnt legs getting in and out the car when its hot! All these little bits of chrome just help it all come together.

So whats left … I’ve still got the steering wheel to change, chrome handbrake handle and maybe a chrome gearnob. Chrome rear wheel arch protectors and then there’s the sun visors and side wind deflectors to add. Still a bit to do, but I don’t currently have any of those items so I’ll have to save up the pennies and get those, hopefully before the DVLA get my number plate back to me.

Plenty to do and dress up while I wait, before I can go for a proper drive 🙂

What will I don when she’s finished …. oh yer … Drive!

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