Steering Wheel

Finally decided on what type of steering wheel I wanted and size … I ended up going for a wheel from Vintage Warehouse 65 on eBay. The original wheel, that being from a ford sierra was 15″ rubber, old and really didn’t suit the car. The one I have chosen to install is a 14″ wheel dark wood and metal 3 spoke wheel, much better in my opinion.

The boss that came with and horn push wasn’t quite as straight forward as I thought. The boss its self I had to cut down because the part that fitted to the existing column was too long, so the horn attachment didn’t meet the wheel. I took of approximately 5mm off in the end to get a better fit. The other issue I had, was in getting the horn to work. In the usual Pilgrim set up there are two wires coming from the steering wheel to the horn, but the new boss only had one wire. The sierra wheel itself has a two ringed fixing to complete the circuit for the horn and the new boss had a single solid ring for the horn. It was all very different and no mater how I tried I couldn’t get the horn to sound or stop going off, not without re-wiring the column.

Instead I ended up taking off the double conducting ring from the sierra wheel and glueing this onto the new boss. This way I kept the same two wire set up and didn’t have to rewire any of the electrics behind the wheel. On the push button horn itself I just added a lever and metal contact so that when the horn is pushed it competes the circuit and the horn sounds, basically same set up as before.

Photo 15-07-2018, 18 54 58

Finished wheel and new black shinny gear knob, couple more additions to the Cob 🙂

All I have left now are the wind wings, sunvisors (all ordered from Europa Spares) and the spats (which will be added in time) oh and the gear lever, I still have to figure out what I’m doing on that.

Just waiting on the DVLA now to issue my number plate.

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