Slowly but surely the cobra is starting to come to life, or at least for me in the way I want her to look. I ordered a set of sun visors and wind-wings from Europa Spares last week and thought it was about time I put them together and on the car.

To make things clear I went for smoke coloured sun visors, I thought that would match the black more and for the wind-wings I decided on perspex rather than glass. Two reason really, one was because I’d read some awful stories of them shattering over people from stone chips and secondly they came with the fitting kit and were less than half the price! Big saving for me at the moment.

To be fair now I have them and they are on, they look and do the job just as well, so its a thumbs up from me.

So any problems with the kit, not really, the hinges come in various bits and on first glance I think OMG now what, no instructions, this is going to be fun! But actually once you start getting them out, they make perfect sense where everything goes together nicely. The only real issue is they don’t come with any fitting screws/bolts to attach to the screen. Most likely because different manufactures use different screen, maybe for different size bolts etc.

The Sumo standard screen uses 4 M4x16mm (countersunk) bolts for the wind-wings, 2 each side. The sun visors use 4 M3x8mm bolts (countersunk), however I used M3x10mm rounded head ones, which went in very slow and easy until they tightened around the fixing. Phew no broken windscreen! Everything nice and tight and fits well and now looks even better. I’m not going to worry about the hood yet, it might be a winter project but for now, its a summer, open top car!

You’ll see form the interior shot I also decided on the handbrake handle, which was a chrome mini handle from eBay. Really easy to fit, the old just pulled off and the new one was fitted via a small grub screw. The gaiter I ended up glueing in place because of how baggy it was, not the best fit but does the job I guess.

The only thing left is the spats and number plates … just waiting on the dvla now to send my V5 back with my new reg. Oh on that, remember you also need to pay a registration fee £55 because of the new chassis … I forgot! but thankfully the lady I spoke to sorted it with 6 months tax, the registration fee and a refund of the difference. Saves time and I’m really hoping I get that paper work over the next, or days would be extra nice 🙂

Thats it for now, not quite legal on the road but not far to go now!

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