Ok, so after a few weeks waiting for the DVLA for the paper work back, I finally get my v5 and confirmation of my new reg 🙂 correctly registered with pilgrim sumo as the car, emissions noted on front (there have been a few issues this year with the changes) and now my new number plates 🙂

No MOT for 3 years because its registered in 2018 but I have an age related plate the donor car/engine 🙂

What does the future hold for Lucille, I’m not sure yet, its taken under two years to finished (with a year off in the middle) there were parts I loved and parts I hated, times I thought I would never get this done, it was too much of an ask. But I can finally say I’ve built a road worthy car which looks and sounds awesome. So what’s the net challenge???

Until I decide here’s my final album of Lucille in all her glory. If you thinking of building or are in the middle, you can do this, I did, I know its tough, its also more expensive than you first set out! Help is always on hand on the various forums (Cobra Club) and at Pilgrim but you have to speak to the right person … But all in all, I’m glad I stuck it out and got her finished and you will too.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog and my journey building an AC Cobra Replica from Pilgrim Motorsports.

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