Hello and thanks for visiting my page, hopefully this will turn out to be a complete record of the ups and downs of my ac cobra build, or that’s the intention anyway 🙂

I’m a semi-professional photographer (a late career change) from what I used to be which was a civil engineer specialising in highways design (I still am but only part-time now) … however all of that doesn’t make me a mechanic so this build should be both interesting and a challenge.

Jason 6 Here I am!

There’s no a lot else to me really and to be fair this site is all about my build, so that’s enough chit chat on with the car stuff!

Why a kit car, why a cobra and then why Pilgrim?!

Well, I’ve always been a bit of a petrol head, perhaps more than a bit, but I love cars and the roar of a V8 (old style) you just can’t beat! So I decided I wanted something, a new toy perhaps or at least something I could enjoy. Now I couldn’t afford to buy anything out right and I’ve always liked the idea of having built my own car. Search around on the inter-web and you come up with a few options, I settled on a Cobra replica. But then why Pilgrim, when there are others to choose from. For me it was simple, and it came down to affordability … Pilgrim offer a Modular build where each module has a set group of item you can get your build underway and then simply order/pay for them when you are ready for the next module. So it spreads the costs over the duration of the build.

Now a few people will moan they are cheap, but when you see and hear them and for I want to use mine for, it will be more than adequate. Plus if you really wanted too, you can put extra into the build, so if you want something special, then get it. So it’s a choice at the end of the day and I believe and hope I’ve chosen a wisely …. time will tell.

So why not follow me and see how the whole progress goes.