Update …

Hi all, firstly I should apologise for being absent as it’s been quite a while since my last post and secondly I should give you an update on where the build is.

So after the Kit car show, I left the car with Pilgrim and had them check and finish the dashboard for me. We weren’t overly happy with how we’d done the work, and my electrical skills are sketchy at best so this seemed like a good option to get it professional done. I said there was no hurry and as such I’ve only just got the car back recently, so it sitting pretty in the garage at the moment.

There’s a few items I NEED to get sorted which they’ve let me know about, brakes and steering rack need some attention but slightly more frustrating are some of the lights aren’t working now, which were when I gave them the car! and the VIN number I asked to be stamped on, wasn’t. Not really big issues but sometimes its the little things that make a big difference, but not so in this case. It shouldn’t take to long I hope and then shes more or less ready for the IVA. The only issue I have currently is getting those little bits done, time wise and cost. The money pot is finally empty :/ needs must currently so the car has had to be covered up and it looks like it wont be ready for the summer now which is annoying.

If things change you will see me post again and once I’ve fixed the parts I need to, that should hopefully make it drive better, we’ll see.

I wasn’t going to post this but actually it kinda helps talking about, my mum’s been diagnosed with a form of stage 4 blood cancer, so she’s really not good at the moment. This has kinda put hold on a lot of things at home and life for one reason or another has changed at home. So I’m struggling to find the motivation currently, I’m sure it will return but for now please bare with me … Thanks

Until next time … J


National Kit Car Show

What I can I say about the National Kit Car show, wow what an awesome day in a very surreal kinda way! Let me explain ..

So I had agreed to lend my car to Pilgrim so they could put it on display as part of their modular build program so people could see what an amateur built car looked like along with a few details about myself ,which was again to show that if you really wanted a cobra YOU could build this car with little mechanical knowledge. I had a quick look around and saw most were factory built cars and obviously looked amazing but that’s what I’d expect from a professional built car after all. So having my car there was a novel approach which from the news I received form Sundays show was it was going down very well and everybody loved the car.

Of course I didn’t know this for sure until I went there on today (Monday) and I have to say the people I spoke to and the response I’d heard, that and the with the amount of people taking photos of my car some what over whelming, so right now from me, If I saw you there then I want to say a HUGE thank you, so many lovely kind words and a lot of congratulations etc … it was amazing to see and think the car I’d built was getting this much attention. And the best thing of all, everyone loved the colour scheme and thought it worked really well 🙂 So whats not to be happy about right now! An awesome day!

Oh I also got meet Fuzz from Car SOS who was also very nice and complimentary about my build. Thats pretty awesome as well to be fair 🙂

You’ll have to excuse the photos of me, I look like a right plonker, but hey that’s why I usually stay behind the camera, much safer and happier there 😉

And there she is, looking awesome, Pilgrim thankfully did a little more detailing on the body work for me, I was going to get someone to polish her up better than I could but they’ve done a very nice job.

Well if you paid a visit to Stoneleigh I hope you had a great visit, and if you passed Pilgrim and saw my car, let me know, I’d love to hear what you thought. If you’re thinking of building one, then seriously have a look at the modular build, its a nice affordable way to build your car with 5 star unbeatable customer service during the build and beyond … once you do, you won’t stop smiling 🙂

I’ll keep you posted on the next step, once I get her back and hear from the DVLA.


Ok, so today I can now share my news with you all, if you’re heading to the National Kit Car Show at Stoneleigh (http://www.nationalkitcarshow.co.uk) next weekend, Sun 30th – Mon 1st 2017 (incase anyone reads this weeks, months or years from now please note the date) then you’ll obviously have an amazing time, its looks awesome, BUT you’ll also get to see my car on the Pilgrim stand, the modules I’ve built it from, how and I’ll even be there on the Monday, so if you’re coming please pop by and say hi. Happy to talk to anyone about my experiences and the build etc of my car.

But I had to say good bye to the car today as Pilgrim have taken it week early to help sort preparations out for their stand, which by the sounds of it will feature customers cars this year, which I think is great. Seeing factory built cars is wonderful, but you know they’re gonna look awesome they’re built by pro’s, so seeing an amateur build will hopefully spur a few people on who aren’t sure if they can or should to give it a go. And trust me it took me a while to decide if I should take the plunge, then 7 months ago and now when I look at what I’ve built and today I drove it out of the garage under its own fuel! it was so so cool 🙂

There is she is, off out on the road and off to Stoneleigh next weekend.

I’m a stones throw away from IVA now, were almost there, this weeks gonna be a little strange as I don’t have anything to do in the garage, but to be fair I’m away all weekend at the FA Cup semi finals, then away for a couple of days with the wife, more football and work, so I actually wouldn’t have any time this week … so what am I worried about!

So in short, if you’re going to the national kit car show on the sunday pop over to pilgrim and check the car, kit etc out or if you’re going Monday, come over and say Hi, I’ll be the guy standing around, big grin not knowing whats going on … more than likely 🙂